The factory was set up in 1980 and it has already been in operation for decades now. We already have over twenty years of experience in making top-of-the-line oral hygiene products. Maintaining thoroughness and care throughout, our products meet the standard of cleanliness and are available in a number of countries.


A complete set of facilities, many years of experience in the molding process, a well production and packaging environment, as well as well-trained staffs and a full line of products with high standards of cleanliness.


We received the ISO certificate 9001 in 2003, this has been a certification of assurance as well as the beginning of a new step. The following are our principles and always be followed:


• Thorough and careful attention to the production and packaging process.

• Strict quality restriction and consideration of sanitation.

• Unceasing innovation to meet the demands of a changing marketplace and customer satisfaction.